Saturday, December 27, 2008

Not by Sight, but by Faith

God's Providence

When times get tough, God's strength is my staff
when I'm confuse, I must look to Him for answers
Wait though the current, may and will get rough
trust that what is obvious, is not always the real stuff

Story is since Genesis , it has all been only, His craft
always knowing that without trails, there's no crown
Life is a journey of wilderness, but bares more sunshine
Jah has a reason for when it rains and for when it pours
when life is a breeze and when the wind brings a storm

With pressure that at times are destructive and uncalled
For a good treasure, one has to decide and dig down deep
having faith that what can't be seen, will soon come to be.
Life may prove crazy, but Jah some how, brings ease.

written by Tbone / atw JAH
on 06.10.2008
edited / Blueyes

Title by Mildred Ortiz

Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas has some what lost its meaning for most people, they don't even give a thought to the fact that it is not about a Christmas tree or how many lights you put up to shine on your windows.. its not about how many presents are under that tree or how much money you spend or is spent on you.. To be honest Santa Clause has nothing to do with Christmas but it is Satan's way of trying to steal and distract us from what Christmas is really all about .. that weasel has been trying to steal Jesus' Glory from the day of His birth.. I often ask people, how would you like if on your birthday a party would be thrown and everybody got a present and you were forgotten.. How would you feel? .. what would you think? .. would your feeling be hurt? .. Think about it .. that is exactly how God must feel when we go all out for all the wrong reasons .. in His due season .. We don't give to the needy but we go broke at the mall .. we don't go to church and sing Him Happy Birthday to Jesus .. but we go to a company party and get stone .. I can go on and on and on but I won't because I am sure you get my drift and can see were I'm coming from so I leave you with a poem I wrote on a Christmas past.. God bless you and let get it together and pay tribute were it is and to Whom it is truly due..

A True Meaning of Christmas

Began with the Christ who was long before,
the foundations of the earth, N the beginning of time.
at that manger a human, God Himself Formed,
His word from an angel, 2 a virgin, Jesus was born.

on a bed of straws N from His country scorned.

2 open His eyes in darkness N make it light.
that star from heaven is still bright N our guide.
which brought 2 Him kings, shepherds N the wise.
2 worship the Princes of Peace N Savior of mankind.

Some have forgotten the true meaning at times.
It's not about Santa, the Clause, it's we've become blind.
On a day 2 honor His birthday, we spend money N time

Teaching about a man in red, his sled N deer that can fly.
I'm sure Kris was a good man, but never the Christ
2 steal from GOD any glory or the spot light.
Wouldn't like it on your birthday, I'm sure-I'm right.
Believing the truth is, A True Meaning Of Christmas.

Written By Tbone / Olga R.
and the wisdom of JAH
On 12.18 - 12.21.2007

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

My two older Treasures

A few weeks ago I posted pictures of my two younger grandchildren and had said that I would follow the next week with my two oldest and yes I am sorry I failed to do so.. not to make any excuses but in the last few month my life has gotten a little complicated if I were looking at it with my human eyes.. but according to my spiritual eyes the spirit of God says all is under His control and since I have for almost three years now learn to walk strictly by faith I am trusting my Heavenly Father that all is good .. never the less I am human and at times my heart gets heavy and my brain runs off on me.. those are the times when I have to call on the name of Jesus to settle my mind and bring comfort to my heart..

Now back to the real reason why you have come to visit me and that is to see my Tuesday Treasures .. so just scroll on down and see two of the loves of my life and if after that you want to read on and see why I carried on at the beginning of this post be my guest and then you can also help me pray for the soul of my beloved wife and blue eye queen who these days is a totally lost soul in need of our savior..

Joey, 5 yrs old:green belt han mudo


Marisol, 9 yrs old holding Payton 2 wks old

Monday, December 08, 2008

Familar Pain

It has taken me close to a week to want to come back and write into my Blog.. here where it is I who can write or say what is in my heart or on my mind.. These days I find myself strictly and only writing into a journal I have been keeping for almost three years since I gave my life and my heart to my Savior and Lord Jesus Christ .. Its a journal I keep of my journey with first God and also with my beloved wife .. both when she is present and even more when she finds herself absent in my life and in the life of our children.. One verse comes to mind and has been in my mind for months and it is the main and sad reason why today I find myself alone again and until God wills it otherwise..

19 Better to dwell in the wilderness,
Than with a contentious and angry woman
Proverbs 21:19

I have found that it is very hard to serve God if our spouse is not and wants not to be a believer and a follower of Christ.. My wife for what ever reason does not want to trust my God or me for her future but decided to put her trust in herself and my feelings counted for nothing.. thank God for His peace and for His strength or I have no idea how I would have survived this pain twice..

Beloved Pain

Atom bombs annihilated and destroyed two cities
Nuclear weapons wipe out countries and nations
Guns kill people, with more bullets, generations
Knifes and sharp edges pierces through flesh

Planes that miss landing bring nobody home
Trains collide and many souls and lives are lost
Cars crash, hit man, child and broken are bones
Ships in rough seas are swallowed with its crew

Volcano's erupt burning up small and large towns
Tsunami's rise and thousands come up missing
Hurricanes have destructive winds and force
Tornado's twist and take residence and homes
Floods move mountains and every thing en-between

Words with no meaning hurt the ones that we love
But all these come short, in a violent wicked world
Where a woman can do, to break a man's heart
Thank God He's my Love, peace and healer of hearts..

written by Tbone / atw JAH
on 02.20.2008

God Bless .. Tbone out

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Life without my soul mate

I have come to the conclusion beyond the shadow of any doubt that God Almighty is the only one that I can and will trust .. My best wife.. just a short time and not long ago told me as she did for more then a quarter of a century that she loved me but today with tears and much pain she is far and no where to be found.. its not the first time I trusted and was let down by my soul mate.. my jewel.. my crown.. just when you think you know someone better then you know yourself, you suffer yet another disappointment...just when you have finish raising all your children and are about to start a new chapter in your life with the person you have shared your life and everything in your life with.. you find yourself alone.. just when you think that someone truly cares for you and you in return care so deeply for them.. they drop the bomb on you with no remorse.. after knowing you and loving you for so long.. they want you to be someone else .. who you are not..

People think that after you accept Christ as your Lord and Savior that everything in your life becomes a ball of good dreams.. sorry to disappoint you but the opposite is what really happens.. but yes there is a sense of peace that I am unable to explain... The idea is to keep trusting God no matter what everything around you looks like.. because we are to walk by Faith and not by sight... I personally wanted to live by the words of Solomon in
Ecclesiastes 9:9

9 Live joyfully with the wife whom you love all the days of your vain life which He has given you under the sun, all your days of vanity; for that is your portion in life, and in the labor which you perform under the sun.

So today I still stand by faith and trusting my God that He is in total control and that my life is His will for me.. that my beloved soul mate whether she believes it or not is right where God has sent her for what ever her lesson in life is and is going to be.. other then God in our life's we will always wonder...

Who Cares

There are those who wonder a life time, lost and distress
thinking of the bad and looking not at what good awaits
They blame the innocent for their mistakes and misfortune
They see not the difference between a curse and God's blessings
having desires that are selfish, destructive and without merits

They envy what they see and give not thanks for whats to be
when all is gone, it is God who they have nerve, to question?
cause deep inside man knows, He giveith and only He can takeith
Away they go for they do not and want not, done for them
alone they die, though their body is still upright and alive
inside their soul has become a prisoner, in chains and shackles

Their mind is weak, so is the muscle and bones on their body
Tending not for the other, looking for themselves, find a hole
to hide from love ones, letting heathens turn their heart cold
Their minds can not conceive, that you reap what and as you sow
Loving as you give of yourself, will return double its reward
with honor,love and respect, we show and know, Who Cares.

written by Tbone / atw JAH

God Bless .. Tbone out