Thursday, September 25, 2008

In memory of Misty LeBlanc

Today I am just going to post a poem that I wrote in memory of a young woman who I never met but feel like I came to know .. Misty LeBlanc was a woman of much faith .. loved and adored by her husband who stood by her in her toughest hours ... She past away to the life after .. she went to be with the Lord who chose to take her home to Paradise .. the land in the skies .. for many months her husband Darren endured what no loving husband should have to endure .. watching his wife die of cancer (brain) .. yet in all this he held to his faith that God would heal her .. and so did many of us of the faith of Jesus Christ ..

I myself who has been healed by this Mighty God we serve and who also have a father who the Lord healed from prostate cancer just a month or two ago .. I really thought that God would heal this so young a woman .. her husband daily gave all of us words of encouragement and shared his personal life with so many people .. a true man of faith and trust in God .. a man who to the very end stood firm in his believe of the healing power of God as did many of us also .. we will not try to understand the reason nor the understanding of the mind of God and that I am sure I wrote about just days ago .. God in no way disappointed me and I believe that Darren would and has said the same .. because Misty today is not only healed but she also is in a place where sickness no longer has any power .. illness and decease do not exists in Heaven ..

Who knows why God heals some and others He dose not .. now this is just me thinking, my thoughts, my theories .. how about maybe if He did lets say heal those He took to heaven before He healed them here on earth .. maybe something worst was coming to them in their future .. and He kept His promise any way to heal them .. just not here but in heaven .. in Heaven they receive a new body .. pure and never able to get sick or anything that can cause harm to them .. God always has a reason and we should not ever get angry with Him .. we don't need to try an understand because we are call to faith and to trust that He always has our best interest in His mind .. and Darren from the beginning to the end displayed that .. Misty left and continues to make a big impact in the life's she touched .. today I leave you with the poem I wrote on the day I read and found that God had sent His angels to carry Misty LeBlanc to His Home in Heaven .. God Bless and if you would like to read and take Darren and Misty"s journey click the link below .. but first read ..

"In Death There's Peace"

For an ungodly soul, death holds not hope or rewards
what awaits is pain, torture and a whole lot of remorse
In a lake of fire, were all chance for redemption is lost
a place we can all avoid, for absolutely no pay of cost
Because for man, Jesus paid with His life at Calvary's Cross
So that when mortal life is done, we exist not just to turn and toss

We mourn, shed buckets of tears, when we loose one we hold dear
but with Jesus we just let go, of our loved ones without any fear
Knowing angels escorted them from earth, that's plain and mere
to the Heavens where we all keep hope, to say Lord I'm here
make our loved ones proud, that for a little longer we endured
For victory is the promise of a body, healthy, strong and pure
therefore no longer needs for a cure or of our days keeping score

Counting the tics of a minute, to an hour in a day, is just a bore
having not of the peace I speak, this you will do till your deceased
But to die in Christ is to live, when His Spirit a soul He release
Glory, a crown and eternity, for them who In Death There's Peace.

written by Tbone /atw JAH
on 09.24.2008
in memory of Misty LeBlanc "a woman of love and faith"

for a journey and a touch of faith and true love .. click below


Debra said...

T-bone, I too followed Misty's story and have prayed for her healing on earth. I still believe God can raise her from the dead, just like Lazerus. I have to say that your words and prayers and faith for Darren have always been an encouragement to me and, I can only imagine, to Darren and Misty. I would've thought you had known each other all along. You, too, are an awesome man of God. Thank you for blessing me and blessing Darren, Misty and Olivia.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful poem. Thank you for sharing it.

Unknown said...

Beautiful. Misty was a blessing to many.