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A Son’s Desire

                                                    A  Son’s Desire

          By all accounts Max was a wealthy young man. By the time Max was twenty one he had everything a young man ever wanted. His father had always given Max what he asked for, except love. When Max was a boy his father was never home and his mother too busy with her charities, lunch meetings and vacations; to really give Max the love he so desired. His nanny would always tell him that he was lucky to have parents that provided for him. All through grade school he believed that she was right and he sure did feel lucky. Max had anything he asked for, ATV's, motor bikes, a snowmobile and every video game that was on the market. He was the envy of all his friends and felt special and important. All through middle school he would have small parties and invite friends over to share his good fortunes. His parents gave him permission for almost anything he cared to do, as long as they were left out to do their own thing. It was his nanny Helen, who taught him right from wrong. She was the one who would sit and help with homework, and who cooked all his meals. She loved to bake him his favorite cakes and cookies, he just had to ask and she would take to the task just to see the smile on his face.  For dinner she would cook for the both of them and they would sit, eat and talk about all sorts of topics. His nanny would always see him to bed and even tuck him in until he got a little older and said that he was a little to grown up to be tucked in, but she made sure to always bless him and say good night. The two had grown a bond so close that when he had a problem he always went to her instead of his parents.  Helen would attend his soccer games and would always take pictures, so his parents would have them for their albums. She would always be there to cheer him on and root for his team.
          Max found that at twenty one his only source of comfort had been his nanny. After two generations of raising and caring for children she wanted to try her hand at something else and with no more children here to rise, she had resigned. It had been hard on him and also on her when the moment came for her to say good bye to him and the family; she had been there since he was a year old.
After being expelled from two different colleges his parents told him that they would not spend the money so that he could just waste his time. He had found employment but never lasted more than three or four months. He would get bored, or he would be given the pink slip for lack of effort. Having everything handed to him had made it hard to cope with the world like others less fortunate. Most of the time he had the house all to himself, his parents were always at one place or another. At times he would go to his parents second or third homes, whenever they were at their main residence. He spent most his time alone, though he had a few good friends but choose loneliness over putting up a front all the time.
         One day while his parents were away for a few weeks and Max got bored he went snooping around in his parent’s office that the two shared. While going through his mother's desk he found a few personal files and found one titled “Max” that grabbed his attention. He opened and began to read and half way through the second page his blood turned cold. He threw the file and every piece of paper went in a different direction and all over the floor. He started pacing and kicking the furniture, the chair where he had been sitting flew across the room and knocked over a tall and expensive pole lamp that his mother keeps in the corner by her book shelves. He left the file and papers right where they had landed and went to retrieve his cell phone. After much thought he decided against calling his parents and decided that he would deal with the issue when they returned.  Two days later Max went back into his parent's office and picked up the mess he had created, and afterwards sat and studied the papers a little more carefully. He decided that instead of confronting the people who been less than forthcoming with him, he would do a little detective work of his own. After reviewing all the documents, he put together a plan. 
        The following day after spending a few hours on the internet the night before, he headed out early Driving his Nissan 300 ZX before the sun had even showed its first light. Using his iPhone map, he headed upstate for what would be a two and a half hour trip. He had used his credit card twice on a site that gave him full information on the attorney he was in route to see. The trip had given him the time to think on how he would deal with or without the information the man could provide. When he arrived and pulled in the long driveway, he sat in his car for a few minutes going over what he was going to say and do. He stepped out of the car and approached the door a bit nervous but determined to walk away with as much information and directions as he needed for his next destination. Max walked up to the door and knocked twice and stood there a little nervous as to what he would say or do. He heard steps behind the closed door and right before he prepared to knock again the door opened. An elderly woman in her early seventies answered the door and looked at Max a bit curious, but politely asked, “May I help you young man?” She stared waiting for an answer. “Yes” Max replied still a little nervous. “I'm looking for Leonard Goldstein does he live here?” She stared and studied him for a minute before she asked, “And who may I ask is looking for him?” Max quickly replied, “My name is Max and I have some papers that he might be able to help me make sense of them” He extended his hand with the folder which the woman took from him. She opened it to see what was in them, and what they were about.  After looking in the folder and scanning them quickly, she looked up at him and asked, “May I assume that the Max on these documents is you?”  “Yes ma'am it is” He replied. “Please come in and let me get Leonard for you, have a seat here at the dinner table, and would you like something to drink?” she asked “No Ma’am, but thank you for the offer, I just don’t want to be more of an inconvenience then I already am.” She smiled and said “Please call me Barbara and drop the ma'am, you make me older then I am” She said with a smile then left to get her husband. Leonard enters the dining room and sat across from Max and studied him for a minute before asking and at the same time making a statement. “I suppose you came for answers you believe I may have.”  “I believe you do” Max replied and then asked. “Do you know who I am?” After another minute in deep thought Leonard replied, “Yes, though the last time I saw you, you were about a week old and that was a long time ago” The two talked for about an hour and at last Leonard gave max the name he had come for. Max said his good-byes and headed for his second destination. 
           Four and a half hours farther north to the small city of Rochester Max traveled. Around two in the afternoon Max arrived a little tired and stop for a sandwich and a soft drink. While he sat eating his lunch he took out his computer and using the deli’s Wi- Fi he connected to the internet and did a search on the person Leonard had supplied him. Another charge on his credit card and he had the address. With his iPhone he mapped out his directions. He pulled up to the house and saw a gardener out in front; he cut the motor, stepped out of his car and headed for the man. He asked the man if he knew a woman by the name of Mrs. Patricia H. Newsmen. The man pointed to the house and said “Pat, lives here just go on and knock on the door.” “Thank you” Max replied and walked up the steps and knocked twice as was his custom. The door opened and Max stood frozen and speechless. He stretched out his arm and gave the woman before him the folder. She seemed to be just as taken back by the sight of him as well. She just reached and took the folder and after she had viewed the contents she said. “I always wanted to tell you, but I could not risk losing you again, you know something Max?” she pause to gather herself and then said , A mother is not one who just bears and delivers, a mother is not one who adopts just to support and provide, but one who cares, nurtures and loves unconditionally, despite her own loss

Love suffers long and is kind; love does not envy; love does not parade itself, is not puffed up;
does not behave rudely, does not seek its own, is not provoked, thinks no evil;
does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth;  
bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.
 1 Corinthians 13

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