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Hell Bound and a Miracle

                                      Hell Bound and a Miracle

          Amy and Randy had been married for a little over fifteen years. They had two wonderful daughters who loved the Lord and served Him faithfully. Every night without failure, they prayed for their father who refused to believe that God truly existed. Amy had become a believer about six years ago along with both her daughters. Shortly after, Randy developed a habit of going to a local bar with his co-workers daily after they clocked out for the day. Amy never complained, but at times, and in a loving way she voiced her concern. “Randy honey” she would start by first saying before she continued. “I wish you would come home from work; I’m always worried about you while you’re at that bar. You know that on most days, you make me pray for you twice as much” He always told her that it’s a friendly crowd playing pool and knocking down a few beers. Randy was not one to stay out late or come home inebriated. The smell of beer in his breath told a different story, but Amy always ignored it just to keep the peace. Amy loved her husband with all her heart; he had been her only love and High School sweetheart. His daughters adored him; he was a good father and an honest provider. Randy always made sure that on Sundays he left early to go fishing before Amy and the girls had a chance to invite him to church. At times he would feel guilty, but in his mind all this talk about heaven and hell, was not something he believed.
          One Friday after work Randy stayed a little later than usual, shooting pool with his crowd. Stone was a man that most who knew him said his name fit the condition of his heart. Stone normally showed up at the bar, long after Randy and his colleagues were gone. Randy knew Stone from back in their school days and being of equal stature and popularity, neither ever sort trouble with the other. Stone entered the bar and immediately walked up to the pool table, placed two quarters and called next. Randy was about to make his next ball, stopped, look Stone in the eye and said, “You’ll have to wait your turn” Stone ignored him, walked to the bar and ordered a rum and coke. Stone was a hard liquor kind of guy, and folks said he was more obnoxious with every drink. Three people had asked to play and already had their money on the pool table, long before Stone had walked in. When the game was over Randy racked up the balls and as the winner, prepared to break to start a new game. Stone walked over with his drink in hand and grabbed a pool stick. Randy turned to face him and said,  “its Bill’s turn; you’ll wait yours like everyone else” Bill was a tall but timid sort of man and did not like confrontations. Bill stood there unsure of what to do or say, waiting for an outcome to the dilemma. Stone stood between the two men looking at Randy with evil in his eyes. Randy did not look away or back down. He knew that if anyone there could take Stone down, it was him. Stone also knew that over the years, even since their school days that Randy was tough, and his all state wrestling record was proof of that. After a short but heated argument, something in Stone just snapped. Bill was approaching the table and Stone took it as aggression. Bringing his elbow up and swinging it back hard, he caught Bill in the chest sending him to the ground. Randy was holding his pool stick with both hands as he stepped forward to close the space between him and Stone, but showing no intentions of hitting the man. Randy held the stick facing down in a non-defensive posture and did not anticipate Stone’s next action. Stone stepped forward dropping his drink, raised the pool stick with both hands, swinging and connected with Randy’s forehead. Randy fell back like a stiff board, no bending of the knees or limps in his body. Randy felt when his head met the concrete; doing a double bounce and coming to rest in a pool of blood, his blood, and then all went black. In the twinkle of an eye, Randy woke up in hell and knew that by the intense heat and the screams. It was darkness but yet Randy could see the sea of people around him screaming for help. Red everywhere, red rocks, red flesh and even the voices looked red to Randy. Covering his ears did no good; it just made the sound more horrific. Randy was not a man prone to fear, but at the moment; he was more terrified then a child who realized his parents have left them in a dark and lonely place. A large man with a sword at his side appeared standing next to him; seeming to be neither afraid nor surprised by the scene before them. “What is this place, and where are we” Randy asked the man. The large man replied, “Well, if I have to answer that question, then clearly God is not only wasting His time, but so would I” the large man’s voice was like the soft sound of thunder that one hears in the distance.  “I don’t understand” Randy replied. “Then we will be here for a long time, or you spend eternity here and figure it out on your own, because I know a better place to do eternity. See Randy, said the Angel and paused; most people here are just like you”
“How so” Asked Randy, still shaking like if he was naked standing in the Antarctic.
“First let me say that lots of people here were good people” Randy couldn’t help but interrupt and asked, “then why are they here”
 “So you are saying that you know where you’re at” answered the Angel with a question of his own.
“Hell” Randy replied instantly and sounding more sure of his answer then ever in his life.
 “I was told that you did not believe hell was real or that it exists” said the Angel looking down at him.
“I guess I have come to find out and believe a little too late” Randy replied with a lot of remorse in his voice. To Randy it seemed like an eternity standing there.
“And it’s only been three days that we have been here” the Angel stated.
“How do you know what I was thinking, are you a mind reader”  Randy asked looking at the big man who stood relaxed with his arms crossed over his burly chest. The Angel replied, “I do not know what you are ever thinking, and no I also do not read minds, but God certainly does”
“I know why I am here” said Randy and then asked, “but why are you here”
“Well you see Randy, if it wasn’t for me standing here, those ugly, evil, pathetic and grotesque little weak demons; would already have tortured you and put you down there with all the others. Now to answer your question when you interrupted me, some of the people here also did not believed in hell. Others believed and did not care about their eternal soul. Then there are some who played church, they went but they lived their life on the fence, never really making a commitment to honor God. I also want you to know that here in this place; as it is in heaven, time is of no value. Meaning that here there are no Mondays or Fridays, there is no noon time breaks, what you see is how it is through eternity. You my friend are one of the lucky ones, and I only use that word, so that you can understand, because my Master does not do luck. God has chosen to send you back only because Amy and your two precious young daughters have been by your bedside day and night, praying for you and your soul. Now last but not least, and then we will leave this hell hole, heaven is as real, but that you will have to take my word and believe me by your own faith.
          Randy opened his eyes to a bright florescent light and immediately knew his was in a hospital. He couldn’t move his head so he rolled his eyes to his right and saw his wife with her head on her forearms resting on the bed. He could hear her praying. Rolling his eyes full left, were his daughters, the oldest was clearly praying and the other was singing and to him it was the voice of an angel. Out of his peripheral his saw a bright figure standing in the corner of the room and quickly rolls his eyes to see the burly chest Angel looking at him.
“This is your second and final chance; I would not squander, but make the best of it. Jesus was your advocate, so honor Him by serving Him, and as for me duty calls” With that the angel was gone.
          One week later all the tubes were removed and Randy could speak again.  Amy walked in the room and hearing him speak to the nurse was like music to her ears. She moved over to the side of his bed, leaned down and kissed his cheek and then said, I’m so happy you decided to come back to earth. Randy looked her in the eyes with tears and a frog in his throat and replied; hell will never see me again and sign me up for Sunday school, because I’m going to become a fisher of men.   

Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites, 
10 nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God. 11 And such were some of you. But you were washed, but you were sanctified, but you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus and by the Spirit of our God.
 1 Corinthians 6

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