Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Walking the Warrior’s Way

                                     Walking the Warrior’s Way
   He became aware of its presence around the age of seven and in his small and finite mind he knew it had been visiting him for years. Sean’s eighth birthday was not like all the rest before this one, this one he would always remember. He was a single child raised by his godly mother Rebeka. His father had walked out on them when he was but months old. When he was about two years old, his mother became a Christian and started taking him to church. That had to be about the time when it started coming and hanging around waiting for the right moment to recruit him. His uncles, aunts and cousins came by every year to celebrate on his day, as they called it. That night after everybody was gone his mother let him stay up later than usual. Around eleven O’clock he took his bath, said good night to his mother and went to his room. After he had said his prayer, he turned off the lights, laid down and went to sleep. Around two in the morning he woke up to a hissing sound, but before he could remove the covers and turn on his light, he heard the creature. His voice was like that of a person talking with a life saver in their mouth and unable to move their tongue. Sean could see him clearly in the total darkness and for a split second he was terrified. His mother had talk to him about the enemies of God and Sean had no doubt that this hideous creature was one of them. Young, bold and fearless Sean leaned forward and spoke like his mother had told him to if the enemies ever bothered him. “This is my room and Jesus is here with me, so leave and don’t come back.” From the minute Sean had said the name Jesus, the creature had been hissing louder and slime was dripping from his mouth. Sean got mad that the thing was still standing there so he yelled at him this time: “I said JESUS is here, now get out.” With the emphasis on the name of Jesus, louder than the rest of what he had said, the creature was gone.
          At twenty seven Sean had just got his black belt in Vee Jitsu, a form of martial arts, which is a combination of Filipino martial arts, American Judo and Jujitsu. Sean had arrived at the dojo at ten in the morning that Friday, along with four others for their initiation and ceremony to acquire their belts. After hours of being kicked around and pushed to the point of exhaustion, he received what he had long worked for. Before getting in his car and out of the sight of his peers, he threw up what little he had remaining in his stomach. The heat had been his worst enemy that day and by the time he got to his small apartment, he had just enough left in the tank to shower before going to sleep. The sun had come up again before Sean had regained consciousness. That morning when the bottom of his feet touched the floor and came in contact with slim, he knew that instant that his childhood nemesis had invaded his space that night. It was Saturday and Sean knew exactly where to find Sid. Sid was an ex-Mossad agent and these days a Messianic Jew and one of Sean’s spiritual mentors. Sean walked into one of the back rooms of his church where on any given Saturday; you would find Sid teaching a class. The room was empty except for Sid who was reading his bible and stopped when he saw Sean. “It’s good to see you my young friend” Sid said extending his hand. Sean reached and took the hand and replied, “I’ve got a big problem and I need your help.” The man studied Sean for a minute and asked, “What can be so big that God can’t fix.” Sean didn’t answer so Sid put his arm around his shoulder and said “Clearly there is a problem, so let me hear it.” Sean just blurred it out; “I have a demon who is nagging me.” Sid smiled and answered like it was just any simple problem he was helping someone with. “Sure you do Sean; we all have demons who nag us everyday.” Sean turned around to face the man and replied, “No you don’t understand, I really have this creature that shows up at my house. The last time I saw him, I was eight years old, but last night he was at my place again.” Sean stood there waiting and for a minute he thought his old mentor was going to call the patty wagon. “You are in a real spiritual war my young friend. Sean, what you need is to arm your self with as much of the word and really pray like never before. Listen, you know how you prepare for your tournaments; how you practice the same moves for hours and some for days. Well in spiritual warfare you fight it with prayer and the word of God; and sometimes you have to get your hands dirty and just beat that demon to submission. You have to put on the full armor of God from head to toe.” After thanking Sid, the two had prayed and Sean went back to his place, read his bible for a few hours and prayed some more. For about a week Sean woke up and before going to work he put in the time to read his bible and pray. In the evenings, Sean did it all over again and was happy that the creature had stay away. Another week had gone by and his peace had not been disturbed. 

That second Sunday after speaking with Sid, he woke up and all through the day he heard a soft voice that warned him to put on his armor. Sean didn’t totally understand so he prayed and kept his bible close by all day. That evening when he knelt to pray, he felt heaviness and a cloud in his room. He had no idea how long he was praying when he sensed the presence and he knew that his nemesis had returned and was at the foot of his bed. Sean didn’t want to open his eyes and stayed in the same position praying. Finally the creature ran out of patience and spoke. “You know I’m here, don’t you?” came the hissy voice. Sean didn’t answer and the creature spoke again, “You won’t get rid of me so easily this time, your faith is weak, you don’t have the faith you did when you were a child.” Now Sean was sure the creature was standing over him. The smell of sulfur and sewage was so bad that he wanted to puke. Sean had refused to open his eyes, but in the next instant he was in a room with dim lights. The room was large and from where he was standing he could see his own room at the bottom, like a room within a room. He could also see himself praying on the side of his bed. It took him a minute to realize that he was standing, but there was no floor. As he try to orientate himself with his new surroundings, he notice that his footwear were new to him. The boots were more like what the Roman’s used for war, flat at the bottom and tall enough to reach half way up his calf and laces all the way and tight. He looked at his body and saw that he was wearing a Gi, but it wasn’t his black one. This one was silver, but the color was defined by every thread that shined like the precious metal itself. He looked at his hands and they were cover with gloves that had knuckle protectors and were woven from the same thread the Gi was. The belt was made of gold that sparkle with every move. On the left side of the belt hung a sheath with a sword that gave off a glow from the emeralds that made up the handle; it was amazingly beautiful and yet deadly looking. Sean was sure that it had taken him only seconds to get familiar with the new realm he found himself in. The smell had not yet hit his nose when out of nowhere came the blow that sent him flying across the room. As he flew through the air approaching the wall he was quickly about to smash into and without any thought of his own; he put both legs in front of himself, took two steps up the wall and arching his back he completed a back flip. Quickly he did a one eighty and was facing the creature. “Welcome to my world Christian boy” the hissy voice said in a mocking tone that brought Sean back to realize that this was no picnic and that he was in the fight for his soul. For the first time Sean got a real good look at the creature and his enemy .He could not come up with words to describe the ugliness that stood before him. Sean saw the four other men in the room, each standing at one of the four corners in the room. The creature took notice of his observation and said, “Don’t look at them, they can’t help you church boy. Their just here to make sure that I also don’t receive any assistance from my friends, so pay careful attention. Now I will assure you that with a doubter like you, I don’t need any help and just so you know who will be taking your soul today, I want to formally introduce myself, my master calls me Dubitāre. I have the gift of doubt and I am good at it, as you well know. Sean kept his month shut and didn’t speak a word, hoping not to add fuel to the fire and give Dubitāre the edge. Sean took a mental inventory of his foe, he stood about his height and would have been taller if not for his hunch back and the fact that he stood with his knees slightly bent at all times. His arms and legs were lanky and skinny yet muscular and one could see the tendons and ligaments for he had no skin, as though it had been burned off his entire body. His head and face were oblong, both up and back, and also were devoid of skin. His eyes appear to be missing the eyeballs; and the deep sockets just had a red dim glow that look like small windows to hell. Where a nose should have been, were just two oddly shaped holes that released a fume that lingered before him. His mouth was also deformed and he had a serious over bite, no lips and teeth that were long with huge gaps and the color of pewter. His right ear was about two inches lower than the left and with nearly no neck his head leaned on either one shoulder or the other depending in what direction he was looking. His shoulders were bony and extended forward causing his chest to be caved in. This image all put together in Sean’s mind was the perfect picture of the hunch back from Notre Dame, on a past and over due-should have stopped-a millennium ago Jenny Craig diet. Sean was no sooner done sizing up his opponent when the creature charged at him. Even though Dubitāre was awkwardly proportioned, he was agile and fast. Without moving his feet after his first step, Dubitāre leaped head first like a missile aiming for Sean’s chest. Before he could make contact, Sean bent his knees and pushing off hard with his toes he preformed a perfect forward somersault over Dubitāre’s head. Sean landed about three feet from the creature that had just slammed hard into the wall; he quickly pivoted his body ninety degrees and delivered two powerful snapping side kicks, catching Dubitāre on the hump of his back and bouncing him off the wall like a basketball. Sean immediately threw both hands in the air and did a triple cartwheel to put distance between him and his opponent; then pivoting on his left foot he turned to face Dubitāre. The creature spun around spitting slim and hissing profanities out from his mouth and fume from the holes were his nose should have been. Sean had to cover his nose and mouth to limit the fumes and odor that otherwise he would inhale. At that moment he realized that all but his head was covered and that on those last two manoeuvres something hard and solid yet also flexible hung at the back of his neck. Sean’s first thought was that he needed his full armor and that at the moment he was missing the helmet for his salvation. He recalled what Sid had told him about a full armor and at the moment he didn’t have it on. Sean reaches behind his head and pulled the hood over till it covered his forehead. With it was attached a piece like a handkerchief to tie over your nose and mouth. At last Sean knew he had on the full armor and he was by all account, a spiritual Ninja. The creature started his taunting with that hiss that was getting on Sean’s last nerve. “Do you really think that that’s going to help you? You are a doubter and you’re always going to be” Dubitāre went on. “You no longer have the faith you had on your eighth birthday.”  Sean had yet to speak a word and again came the physical attack. The creature pulled a sword out of mid air. Sean didn’t remember seeing him carrying one but there it was and coming at him swinging and with all intent of doing damage. Sean reached down with his right hand and in a flash he had the handle of his sword in both hands. Dubitāre was coming down with his blade just as Sean raised his sword to meet the blow, the two swords connected with a load clang that resonated in the empty and hallow room creating a deafening sound. They exchanged blows for blows with their blades till Sean misjudged and the creature’s blade sliced him across the upper arm. Sean could see the thin gash on his Gi but knew his flesh was untouched. As soon as Dubitāre saw that Sean was busy inspecting his arm he lunched at him with his sword pointed straight for his heart. Sean had seen him on time to jump over the creature in a front flip. After landing he kept his sword directly pointed straight and away from his body. Doing a complete three sixty on his left leg, keeping his knee bent at half squat and bringing the sword around, he caught Dubitāre across the hump opening a huge gash. Dubitāre fell on his knees rolling over to his feet quickly facing Sean, again and as before spilling slim and speaking blasphemy even to the Host of Heaven. Sean was starting to ware down and had no clue how long he could keep this up. He saw from the corner of his eye that the angel in front and to his right was reading a book. Sean thought, why if they are suppose to make sure that this remains a one on one, then why read instead of being vigilant. Sid came to the forefront of his mind again and he heard the words of his friend. “Use the word to defeat the enemy” At that moment Sean became aware that he had another weapon in his Gi. He reached in like a ninja and retrieved the only object he had and looked at the book in his hand and read its title, “Holy Bible.” Dubitāre stared at him and for the first time Sean saw panic in the creature’s ugly face. “Prayer and the word” Sid had said.  Sean looked down for the first time since the fight started and saw the small room beneath him and that his physical body was still praying. Sean held the bible with his left hand and with right he put the sword back into his sheath. Dubitāre hissed and made a noise that Sean assumed was his laugh. Sean looked at the angel in front of him and to his right; the angel looked back at him with a smile, than blinked and nodded his head in agreement. Sean looked up at Dubitāre who was standing there hissing and blowing smoke. For the first time he heard Sean speak. There was no doubt in the creature that Sean believed the words that poured out of his mouth. Before Sean finished saying, “No weapon formed against me” the sword had vanished from Dubitāre’s hands. “Though I walk through the valley of death I shall fear no evil” with that the creature shrunk to half his size and became even more grotesque and the slim became heavier, thicker and many gross colors. Sean kept up his attack becoming bolder with every quote. “He gives power to the weak, And to those who have no might He increases strength. Even the youths shall faint and be weary, And the young men shall utterly fall, But those who wait on the Lord Shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint.” By the time Sean was done with that quote Dubitāre had disintegrated to fumes and dust. The large room became instantly bright like the dawn of a new day. Sean had never felt stronger or more alive. The four angels left their post and convened in the center with Sean, none spoke a word but Sean could feel their strength and in a silent way he understood their message, that they had been his protectors since birth. In the next instant Sean was back in his bedroom where he was still on his knees. He picked up his head and then looked down at his chest to see what he was wearing. He got up off his knees and walked to his bathroom, turned on the faucet to run the cold water and splashed his face. He stays there with his elbows on the edge of the counter bent over for a minute. When he stood up and looked in the mirror, there stood one of the angels he had met. When Sean turned around to face him he saw nothing; when he faced the mirror again the angel was there and this time Sean just stared at him without looking back. After a few seconds had passed, the angel said to Sean, “You keep always walking the warrior’s way and never turn to the left or to the right, and remember that when you don’t see me, is when I have your back.”
Written by Tbone /ATW Jah

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