Monday, May 31, 2010

In Memory of My Brother


A man of honor, valor, integrity and respect
a brother, a father, a husband and better, a friend
who's humor and laughter, will forever be missed
By a father who's gift's, you emulated so well
and by a mother you honored, by a life of wealth
not of earthly riches but by a heavenly scale

We're once again reminded that life is so frail
you have paved a way and reason for us to prevail
on this path with Christ as ship and His spirit our sail
to give us your strength, that we should not fail
The journey for glory and crown is no fairy tail
so see you in heaven, when our bodies also grow stale
till then the memories of you, will never go pale...

Written by Tbone / atw of JAH
0n 05.31.2010

In Loving Memory of our Brother in Flesh and Christ
William "Bill" Ortiz
Born February 10, 1960
Died May 30, 2010 RIP