Monday, October 22, 2012

                   My Dad’s an Angel in my eyes
          Jane was terrified as she lay there looking up at Harry. He had been the perfect guy when she had met him at a Fourth of July party three months ago. Her parents had asked her not to go but at eighteen she was old enough to make her own decisions. He had been the gentleman, always saying the right things and picking up the tabs for dinners and the movies. She had him to thank for the beautiful necklace she always wears. Her parents warned her on several occasions, that not being a Christian, Harry was after one thing only and when he got that, she would be history. Jane was no longer listening to their advice as she once did. Her parents never had to repeat themselves during her childhood days. Church on Sundays, youth service on Wednesdays nights were never a thought for her, she was ready without being asked. All through High School she had made honor roll and even the Principals list a few times. Something had change inside of her and God was not real to her any more, in her mind he had become a myth. While her friends are out having fun and enjoying themselves; she had too many rules and commandments to keep. She wanted to experience the world and its forbidden fruits as her father called them. Now here she was with a man three years older and four times stronger, holding and pinning her to his bed. “I’m tired of playing games” he kept saying, “three months of me giving and now it’s your turn” He laughed when the tears started to run down her face. The more she cried, the uglier and meaner he became. Jane closed her eyes and started to pray silently, yet louder and from her heart as never before in her life. Her father’s advice screamed in her head. “You can’t be unequally yoked Jane, God doesn’t approve and sooner or later it will bring you grief”
           Gabriel was a big man, at forty-one he stood five ten, one hundred ninety five pound of solid muscle. He still lifted weights four days a week and ran three miles every morning before heading to work. Gabriel was a Golden Glove Champion and had been scouted for the professional ranks. Not wanting a life of pain and headaches at an old age, he chose college and a career in business. Jane lay there still praying as Harry groped and forced his will on her. “God if you are as real as I have been raised to believe, then I beg you to send an angel to save me now please, I’m lost without you” She heard a small voice say scream, scream so loud that your father in heaven and earth will hear you, and that she did. The door sounded like it came off the hinges and wood just splintered where the lock once held secure. Gabriel step through the threshold of the efficiency apartment Harry called home, like a bull on a single campaign to devour everything in front of him.   Harry is six feet and about one hundred and seventy five pounds, yet in one fluid motion, Gabriel grabs him and threw him across the room. Harry hit the wall so hard that both his elbows left their impressions in the wall. Jane jumped into her father’s arms and cried uncontrollably while he just stared at Harry who sat on the floor still trying to get air back in his lungs. Jane looked at her dad Gabriel and still sobbing asked him, how you knew to come? He looked her in the eyes with tears of his own and replied, well Michael was busy, so God sent me.

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