Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas has some what lost its meaning for most people, they don't even give a thought to the fact that it is not about a Christmas tree or how many lights you put up to shine on your windows.. its not about how many presents are under that tree or how much money you spend or is spent on you.. To be honest Santa Clause has nothing to do with Christmas but it is Satan's way of trying to steal and distract us from what Christmas is really all about .. that weasel has been trying to steal Jesus' Glory from the day of His birth.. I often ask people, how would you like if on your birthday a party would be thrown and everybody got a present and you were forgotten.. How would you feel? .. what would you think? .. would your feeling be hurt? .. Think about it .. that is exactly how God must feel when we go all out for all the wrong reasons .. in His due season .. We don't give to the needy but we go broke at the mall .. we don't go to church and sing Him Happy Birthday to Jesus .. but we go to a company party and get stone .. I can go on and on and on but I won't because I am sure you get my drift and can see were I'm coming from so I leave you with a poem I wrote on a Christmas past.. God bless you and let get it together and pay tribute were it is and to Whom it is truly due..

A True Meaning of Christmas

Began with the Christ who was long before,
the foundations of the earth, N the beginning of time.
at that manger a human, God Himself Formed,
His word from an angel, 2 a virgin, Jesus was born.

on a bed of straws N from His country scorned.

2 open His eyes in darkness N make it light.
that star from heaven is still bright N our guide.
which brought 2 Him kings, shepherds N the wise.
2 worship the Princes of Peace N Savior of mankind.

Some have forgotten the true meaning at times.
It's not about Santa, the Clause, it's we've become blind.
On a day 2 honor His birthday, we spend money N time

Teaching about a man in red, his sled N deer that can fly.
I'm sure Kris was a good man, but never the Christ
2 steal from GOD any glory or the spot light.
Wouldn't like it on your birthday, I'm sure-I'm right.
Believing the truth is, A True Meaning Of Christmas.

Written By Tbone / Olga R.
and the wisdom of JAH
On 12.18 - 12.21.2007


Michele said...

Thanks T-bone for reading what I write daily... I need to get by here more often!

I like what you wrote about Christmas. It really is sad what Christmas has become - especially taking Christ out of the word - that bothers me!

I didn't have Santa when I grew up - so my kids always have - I wish I would have truly grasped what it is all about much before now. I am amazed at how good God is and how much He loves us - how awesome it is that He came to us in the manner that He did to prove Himself and His love for us!

Michele said...

Merry CHRISTmas!