Tuesday, December 09, 2008

My two older Treasures

A few weeks ago I posted pictures of my two younger grandchildren and had said that I would follow the next week with my two oldest and yes I am sorry I failed to do so.. not to make any excuses but in the last few month my life has gotten a little complicated if I were looking at it with my human eyes.. but according to my spiritual eyes the spirit of God says all is under His control and since I have for almost three years now learn to walk strictly by faith I am trusting my Heavenly Father that all is good .. never the less I am human and at times my heart gets heavy and my brain runs off on me.. those are the times when I have to call on the name of Jesus to settle my mind and bring comfort to my heart..

Now back to the real reason why you have come to visit me and that is to see my Tuesday Treasures .. so just scroll on down and see two of the loves of my life and if after that you want to read on and see why I carried on at the beginning of this post be my guest and then you can also help me pray for the soul of my beloved wife and blue eye queen who these days is a totally lost soul in need of our savior..

Joey, 5 yrs old:green belt han mudo


Marisol, 9 yrs old holding Payton 2 wks old

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Anonymous said...

They are SO precious!

Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog. Your prayer for healing for J-man brought tears to my eyes and hope in my heart.

God bless.