Thursday, October 02, 2008

Why some and not Others??

Yep, I am going to say it.. " Its all about FAITH"! .. bottom line .. now maybe right now you may not agree .. but I will ask you to search your heart .. do you have faith in God .. do you have faith that He is Almighty .. you truly believe that Jesus walk this earth two thousand years ago and that He is the Son of God .. do you also believe that He rose and gave life to the dead and healed the blind, the deaf and the you believe that He died at Calvary and that from the died He rose .. if we do its by faith that we believe .. its by faith that we live .. with faith that one day we will spend eternity in our Father House .. that Heaven is were the faithful will dwell ..

dwell live or stay as a permanent resident; reside. live or continue in a given condition or state: to dwell in happiness.

Its funny that I stop and went to look up the spelling to such simple a word .. it just didn't look right or correct .. had it right but the real reason I went there was so that I would see exactly what the meaning is (dwell) to live or stay as a permanent resident .. you have faith that you will dwell in heaven .. then with that same faith you must believe that God makes the choices .. that He has His reasons why some and not others .. maybe for hundreds of reasons and every case is different ones .. to test the hearts of man is for sure one of those reasons .. and I would say this is present in many more then not cases .. if we have faith in God, we have to have faith like that of Abraham .. how about Moses and David .. all had faith in the face of death ..

How about the servant Job .. who do you know that has endured more then this guy .. nobody .. and we are all right .. and if you know of anyone .. then Job must still be alive and I would like to meet him .. today .. and further more Job never cursed God .. God give and God takeith away .. Job always and through everything he kept his faith in God .. he loved God while all was great and he loved Him during his tribulation .. and God did not just give him a pat on the back for his faithfulness .. the Bible tells us that God blessed Job more in his latter day more then at the beginning (12 Now the LORD blessed the latter days of Job more than his beginning;
Job 42:12) if you do not know the whole story of Job I suggest that you open your Bibles and read it.

Hey I know as well as the next guy that has been healed by the Mighty hand of God that God today heals those who in Him put their faith .. in fact God healed me when I first came to His feet and I did not even asked Him to .. He just knew that I suffered with a really bad knee due to a hit and run when I was 17 years old and for over 25 years I lived with pain and swelling, God healed my dad of prostate cancer and many others I know and some I don't .. but I have been there to be a wittiness .. God expects us to have faith and to trust Him even when we do not understand why He chose not to answer the prayer of his people .. we must always pass the test .. we have to trust God and His decisions .. even if we do not like or agree with the call .. we don't always have to understand but we have to have faith .. because God knows the heart of man ..

Today I will finish not with one of my poems but with a word from one of my favorite preacher and teacher Joel Osteen .. it will speak volume on this touchy subject .. God bless you and for your own sake .. keep the faith in good times and in your trials and your tribulation because no matter how you see things, God is good..

Live a Resurrected Life

Every person goes through adversities or times of difficulty. Maybe you didn’t get a promotion you deserved, or you lost a loved one, a friend betrayed you. It’s easy to get negative and bitter and lose your enthusiasm for life, but understand today, you are not defined by your past, you are prepared by your past. Every challenge you’ve been through, every adversity you’ve faced, God has deposited something on the inside of you. Your character was being developed. Strength was being increased. Your vision was being enlarged. With every difficulty, you can experience a new level of God’s goodness!

You may have had unfair things happen, but remember, all things work together for good when you love the Lord! It doesn’t say that all things are good, but God will turn your test into a testimony. No matter what challenge you may be facing now, no matter what you’ve experienced in your past, if you’ll stay in faith God will turn it around for your good! Choose to have a resurrection mentality—you may have gone through an emotional death, and burial but it’s time for you to rise again. God wants to give you His beauty for ashes, and joy for mourning. He wants to bring you out stronger, happier, healthier, better off than you were before!

I promise to pray and meditate with the Lord further on this topic and post it on a later day and if you have an opinion or a comment I would love to hear from you ..

Jah Bless .. Tbone out