Thursday, January 15, 2009

Read and Write

I have been reading a lot more then writing as of late. There was a time in my life were reading was the last thing on my mind or on my agenda. First because I was not a good or even a fair reader. I thank God for the gift of being able to write because there was that same time when I could not write either. Anything that I ever had to write, a contract or a proposal my beloved wife or one of my daughters would type or write it for me.

When I gave my heart to follow the Lord Jesus Christ, He asked me to pick up pen and paper and start to write. I said Lord you know that I am not a writer, my spelling is horrible. This is why I give all the praise to God for everything that I write. God always knows what is our weakness and determines what gift to give us. Reason being, that in doing that, only He can get the Glory for what He has us to do. I have now been writing poetry and my life story for nearly three years. Also in the process of writing, my reading has improved 100% and I have also found a love for reading. With reading I have also found new knowledge and a lot of God's given wisdom. The Bible says that wisdom is from God and He gives it freely to those who of Him ask. I have found His wisdom in the reading of His word daily. I have found His friendship in prayer and will admit that I need and will do more of that(pray). I know and believe that God is always found at....

Kingdom's Place

I do not linger around worried or perplexed
at the events or the turns my life have taken as of late
I have faith and trust God, that He orchestrated this way
to give me peace and a joy, I can not with many words explain
I no longer cry but rather enjoy the moment of each new day
though I find myself alone at times, yet by my side He stays
where I walk, when I work, as I peddle and when down I lay

To rest all my fears, I have put at His throne when I pray
To God who is the potter and I am happy just to be the clay
molded into a vessel for His glory and to God all the praise
for clearly I am not worthy but His mercy is amazing Grace
I pray for that day when of the old me, there is not a trace
for my beloved, the truth to life and His way to Kingdom's place.

written by Tbone / atw Jah
on 01.15.2009

GOD BLESS .. Tbone out

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