Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I hate 2 Dream


I hate for my mind to wander, when my body is asleep
I know that I get no rest, I wake and feel I am not at ease
to God I pray and plead, what is it You want from me?
Two or three hours is not enough, but just a tease
I rise and my thoughts I find, that I need to release

I muse about the one that I dearly love and miss
I think, what did I do to have no one, before bed to kiss
one who is constantly in my head, before each day I dismiss

Day visions I have, of a greater future in Christ Jesus
free of the every day rut, in time I know will come soon
Reveries will materialize, as the sun by day and night the moon
they are as real as the twilight stars, I see outside my room

Some are nightmares, myself I wake before they end in doom
sitting on the edge, I find I am momentarily in a state of gloom
To Heaven I look so that my mind, may play a different tune
of God I request, that incubus evil, He would instantly prune
away with all that plagues my Blues, her heart and my dreams

written by Tbone / atw JAH
on 11.06.2008

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Michele said...

I take every thought, dream, & imagination captive and make it obedient to Jesus Christ. Thank You Lord for blessing me in my sleep. In peace I will sleep, for You alone Lord make me dwell in safety.

Praying for you.