Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Faith in a Mighty God

Today I will start and I promise that I will finish by saying and I hope that you can say .. that I serve a Mighty God .. I read and follow a few blogs that are written by people who have faith that God will answer their payers and the prayers of many who stand by faith in God to do as He has promise to do for them .. today believe me I read more miracle stories then I have read and in some cases seen video of .. I will share the links if I can figure out how I did it before .. but since I am alone at the moment with out a computer guru (or one of my children to just school me) with God's help I'm sure it will get it done .. I do this because I believe and have personally had the healing power of God in my own body and life ..

I do it also to stand in prayer with the same army that will rejoice, praise and glorify the name of Jesus .. one of the videos that I saw was the news themselves talking of the power of prayer .. my own father after suffering from prostate cancer and about to start radiation therapy .. the doctor send him home and said that he had no trace of the cancer they had found .. that was after they had already treated him with some other form of therapy and had failed .. that's when they said he would have to start radiation treatment and I would say it was a month later or so that the cancer was gone, healed praise God Almighty .. he is 75 last April and just finish building a new deck in the back of his house even laid tile on the floor and stairs and also last Christmas with the prosate cancer and all build my mother who is 78 and a prayer worrior a new bedroom set.. posted bed..dressers .. corner wall unit .. pops even hook her up with a flatscreen for her TBN and the news ..

talking about the news this clip or link I pick up from a site that I try every day to visit of a young boy with cancer who's mom has a unique way of writing and the faith that is healing her son Brenton .. go take a look for yourselves and if you want to see other vedio Brenton's mom's blog and journal is at and while your there read and pray for the complete healing of this young little man .. in the near future I will post other links where if your feeling like you have nothing to pray for .. just go and visit some of our brothers and sisters in Christ who can use and need your prayers .. and trust me this will help you also tremendouslly in and with you own faith .. as I stated in the begaining today we would finish with the fact that my God is ....


I believe your Mighty, at the crack of every dawn
till dusk whether life, makes me smile or mourn.
Knowing your Mighty, because to all, Your my bourn
my refuge and a guiding light, to this life's tour.
Feeling You Mighty, when clouds rain and on me pour
every drop is a reminder, that Your all and more.
Hearing Your Mighty, when the thunder loudly roars
while lightning crackles, as though keeping score.
Seeing how Mighty, when the sea, is in an uproar
when the waves and billows, pound the sandy shores.
I capture how Mighty, when I view an eagle soar
or a crocodile, at the snap of his powerful jaw.
I sense how Mighty, when danger my way crawls
standing on Your promise, that beside me You'll walk.
I perceive Your Mighty, when my spirit is in a brawl
trusting You Lord, when you speak and to me You talk.
Having reveal Your Mighty, my soul You restored
when I repented, even on my bones you show remorse.
I'll conceal not that Your Mighty, when to sleep I shall
no doubly go, in the land of the living, be no more.
In lure of Glory, I will compose, that God is Mighty!

written by Tbone /atw Jah

6 For unto us a Child is born,
Unto us a Son is given;
And the government will be upon His shoulder.
And His name will be called
Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God,
Isaiah 9:6

3 Gird Your sword upon Your thigh, O Mighty One,
With Your glory and Your majesty.
Psalm 45

the Mighty One of Jacob.
Isaiah 60:16

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Michele said...

Hi Tbone - Your poetry is a gift and I really like your 'Mighty' poem! Thank you for visting and reading Brenton's site, praying for him and our family, and encouraging me. You are a good brother in Christ!