Friday, September 19, 2008

Blues In Heaven Dad Waits

Today is the one year (and why do we have to call it) anniversary of my beloved wife's father passing away .. there really is no nice, good, or proper way to approaching this subject on that day with your loved one if you truly have not been there .. I my self thank God that both of my parent are God fearing, Holy Spirit fill and servants of Our Lord Jesus Christ .. so no I have no idea of this emotion .. George was a good man for one who did not serve the Lord .. but had better ethics, stewardship and compassion for his fellowman and neighbors then some Christian who are called by God to do these things .. to be this way towards the people of the earth ..

George was one of the best host you could visit with .. I will leave out some of the details when it come to all his exotic drinks for my days as a heathen .. yep funny I have found that people who do not serve the Lord and live in all their sin hate when you refer to them as heathens but a spade is and will always be a spade .. black with it same shape .. so yes I do remember and yes am ashamed at the fact that raised to be a child of God since the days of my youth .. I chose to live a life contrary to how I was raised and that life I will leave behind for the moment but you know and will understand .. but yes he was a great host .. also a very .. very , very good golfer .. and I will not forget that I use to call him the great white hunter .. they lived up state New York and George love deer season and boy got him a deer or three every year .. for sixty something years that was .. deer baloney which to me taste and look more like salami and man was it good .. he would mail us some wrapped and packed in hot ice every year after we had left the Catskills .. yet with everything and the enjoyment of all worldly things he came close to leaving earth with out God and His salvation .. George from what is my understand because my in-laws would not talk about God and the Holy Spirit was a foreign language and you are ask in the drop of a dime to HUSH .. but he was raised going to church .. his younger bother is a professor and a minister

In the summer of 1978 I met my beloved wife .. she was raised in the catskill mt. and I was raised in The bronx so knowing the city very well I elected to take her by Bus and train to see him .. he was in the hospital with lung cancer and the doctors gave him only 2 years to live or should I say to die .. but God had other plans and because he is merciful he allowed him to live another 29 years just to make sure that he would not die before giving his heart to Jesus.. I remember before he past away praying to God not to let him die before he accept God as his savior .. one day my beloved wife came to me and said that they had told her that he was call on the Lord to help him .. Jesus said that if we call on His name .. that all who call on the Lords name would be saved and today I sit here with the faith that George did that .. just like the theif I do believe he was who was crucifed beside our Lord Jesus Christ in his last hours on this earth asked Jesus to remember him .. right then and there he was saved .. so I beleive was for my father-in- law

42 Then he said to Jesus, “Lord, remember me when You come into Your kingdom.”
43 And Jesus said to him, “Assuredly, I say to you, today you will be with Me in Paradise.”
Luke 23:42,43

and now with that said I will leave you with a poem I wrote to my beloved on the day George went to be with the Lord

Blues In Heaven Dad Waits

Though I know not what it feels to lose my dad
I pray to God to comfort my precious dear Blues
4 George at times has been like a father 2 me
the pain I feel, hers I am sure is double 2 this
God, in the past I have prayed his soul 2 proclaim
announce N command an angel 2 pick up N escort
Home where eternity is spent N 4 us he will wait
till once again that angel comes 4 our soul 2 take
N reunite all our family and believeing friends
comfort N peace we ask while remaining on your earth
the loved ones that go first we have faith a feast awaits
4 this is a promise from the Father N Son Jesus Christ
who both R in Heaven with Blues's Hero N beloved Dad..

written by Tbone
on 09.19.2007

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