Thursday, November 06, 2008

If Only People Understood

If everybody would open their eyes and their ears, they would realize that we are running out of time. The world as we now know it will soon come to pass. Most all prophesies have been fullfilled and the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ is at hand. It will not be long before God deals with this generation. We have become a society of adulterous, thiefs, liers and murderous human beings. Sin lurks at every corner of God's earth. I have read and heard that less the 10% of people go to church on any given Sunday here in the United States. People walk the streets lost and with no hope. Yet we are always ready to attend a party or meet friends for happy hour at the nearest bar and night clubs. Other countries do not have the freedom to serve God like we do here in America. It hurts me to see the number of souls who walk as though the Gospel is nothing more the a fairy tale. I really wish that everybody would ..

Listen 2 me

It seems every time I speak a word of clarity
create a sentence or utter a statement
express my feelings, concerns or believes

I feel as though, I'm under total scrutiny
at times I ponder, have I committed mutiny?
charged with, thoughts, considered as futility

Blaming my views and faith on masculinity
cause they can't see, with the eyes of Christianity
don't try to understand, God and the divinity

Confusing wisdom, with what they call maturity
but don't even have control, of all their faculties
though they may possess, a natural inherited ability
they will listen to nothing, of significant quality

Living a life with no true meaning or any definite reality
sometimes I know, that I speak to my own Individuality
when I relate to one, with no faith, believes or personality

They don't realize, one must first suffer through humility
to become satisfied, humble and reach a state of serenity
in a world were there is little love and almost no morality
Starting our leaders with their lies, deceit and infidelity
Repenting is the only way, to Heaven and ones Eternity.

written by Tbone / atw Jah
on 06.28.2008

GOD Bless ... Tbone out

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