Friday, September 12, 2008

A New Starting Place

Welcome .. I would love you to know that I am happy.. that you are here with God and my thoughts... let me explain .. but first let me introduce my self I write under the name Tbone .. but you can also call me by one of my mother's given name .. Tony .. I would like for you to know that I can not write and really have had a lot to say all my life .. problem when you can not sit and put three or more thoughts down on paper ( there was no computer in my school days).. later I may if you follow along and are good with a little math figure that out .. I was good in math and that always helped as a carpenter by trade .. I was fortunate to have a father who is a fine cabinet maker .. the trade of Jesus .. so I started in life as a young boy in a cabinet shop learning the same trade of the first Heavenly Son .. I was in the top of my class in wood shop back in High School and no I did not graduate top of the class ..

I am a humble drop out .. raise in The Bronx .. third oldest of nine in the late sixties that was not hard to do .. to throw a good career as an architect to hang out with the boys .. what do you think you would have done .. as a shame it is to me today .. it was everything my Pentecostal parents did not want me to do .. stupid me at the time in my rebellious life when I thought I had all the answers .. to life .. I really had none .. no clue .. I thought if I can build like my dad I was good to go .. it worked for him .. its good enough for me .. should have listen .. it was not easy raising five on a cabinet maker / carpenter wages .. and we were always well paid for a woodworker that is .. some of you know what I am talking .. all the other subjects or classes as they are called today I thought I didn't need especially English class .. I was never a good speller and an essay .. what was that .. write an essay .. I couldn't sit long enough to have even gathered two to three thoughts at one given moment .. "over the weekend two pages and both sides or four pages if you write only on one side" .. old Mrs. Anderson would say .. then on Monday she would say .. and what is your excuse .. I would just look and shrugged my shoulders .. I just did not have it to ever sit and write .. poetry .. thank God it was not mandatory .. its not that I did not like poetry .. but I figured if I can't write like that and I can't think in that manner .. again I have no need for that .. so now lets rewind back to the beginning of this first post .. I said .. I was happy that you are here with God and My thoughts .. because it was God who gave me the gift to write .. taught me how to spell .. so when ever I don't spell something right .. or write something that did not come out right .. it is I who grew up with ADD ... they knew nothing about that in the old school .. so I have learn to write thoughts that come from my talks with God .. My meditation with Jesus .. poetry that comes from my heart .. second thing that was a trade of Jesus (poetry) Jesus was and still is a poet .. and for you who are a believer in Christ Jesus .. savior and healer .. it is not strange .. and I am not ashamed to say He is my teacher, healer and my Inspiration ..

So today I first thank God that I met you .. second I want to thank you for arriving at this point in our life's .. I pray that your heart is that of Christ Jesus .. or if you still have not taken that leap of faith .. I pray that God may persuade you that He loves you so much that's He gave His only Son (Jesus) to die on a cross and not before He was beaten, spit at, slapped, wiped, scourged and then nailed to a tree (cross) for you .. for me .. for anyone who confesses their sins and accepts His Son into their heart .. you just need to believe that Jesus died on that Cross and three days later He(Jesus) raised from the dead and sits at the right side of our Father in heaven ... now my hope is that you take a Journey with me .. because life is many journeys and many time we also just sojourn.. so you are always welcome to sojourn with me.. express your comments, your views and thoughts, your testimonies .. cause for sure you are going to read mines .. and all the praise to God .. you will read at times a bible study I attended .. at times I will be sharing my life with you, my trials and my past and my future tribulation if that's what God sees to be willed .. He has brought me through past ones and He will be there if they choose to come my way .. tribulation is only a heavy set of weights .. that can only make you stronger ..

Now my reason for starting this blog

God has put it in my heart now for a while to share my writings, my thoughts and His wisdom .. God loves that if He gives or gifts us with a gift that is mainly for the service of His Kingdom .. and we ought to share that gift .. also that others who serve God can talk to myself as well as to you .. Thank You and may the blessing of The Almighty God and His Son Jesus Christ be always with you .. again welcome to our......


Just as flowers and herbs arrive in spring and return in winter
Our life in all sense, is a constant trip, phases and adventures
Ultimately with faith, trust and hope, leading us to redemption
Returning home to our Father, the soul He gave us from heaven
New detours and trails of tribulation, are part of the course
Everyday taken the path to the cross and avoiding temptation
You are sure to arrive always, at the Right place and location..

written by Tbone / atw JAH

on 07.07.2008


Michele said...

Beautiful. Thank you for sharing your heart and being transparent. God is great and greatly to be praised! : )

Tbone said...

yes HE is .. God bless sis