Sunday, September 14, 2008

Deep Faith Class

I have for a time now wanted to take some Bible class at church but with all the struggles in life being a Christian in a home were I serve the Lord alone it has been difficult .. at times we put our lives or should and will say our spouse first .. not realizing that we are putting God second and that is not good .. I have been or was worried what and how my loved one would feel or think about me leaving all day on Sunday to attend a church service in the morning and right after a good part of the afternoon in a bible study or class as it is call ..

A week or three ago I told my lovely wife that this is what I wanted to do on and with my Sundays and thanks to God she thought is was nice that I wanted to take this class and said it was a good thing .. not bad for a person who knows God but has not yet given her heart to our Lord and savior .. a day or so ago when I wrote my first post I spoke about salvation and what it took to be saved .. as in my past weeks for the last few years serving the Lord .. almost every week everything I read in the Bible or something I was writing whether it was a poem or something the Lord was trying to teach me that week .. it would be the same thing the preacher would talk about and this week was no different .. salvation was the topic at my first class .. how do we know if we are saved .. confessing our sins and accepting that Jesus died for our sins .. and yes John 3:16 (For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. ) was the main verse .. they asked us all .. about ten men .. to first say our name and speak a little about our selves and a little about and why we chose to take this class .. well when it was all said and done for me and I had spoke .. I then was asked if Sundays at class I would share one of my poems .. read it to every one there .. I said I am not good at speaking to even a small group but that yes I would give it a shot and share what God has given to me .. so on my way home as I thought more about it I figure for a group of men this one poem would be my first choice .. and with that I will say God bless and good night .. and I leave you with this and it is titled.......

Call to Men

A true man is call to be a Priest, counselor, mentor

provider and advisor, protector, husband and friend
To be Godly, righteous and faithful to our very end
teaching them truth, in the message one choose to send
Accepting the role is key, Jah will do and tend the rest

In a culture, a society where men suffer from self respect
Young and old alike, thinking its all about looks and sex
when the reality is to help the widow, fatherless and the sick
To give to the needy, your wages, your time and even your skin
Be courageous and for good use ones strength, as allies and kin

There is no greater honor, then to use ones life, to be Christ like
To stand for the weak, yet remain calm in the midst of storms
Speak softly, be wise and you will be heard, long before mourned
A man must see his wife perfect, is what today's preacher said
strong enough to keep in control and wise as to not condemn
Brave, for ones life may be required, so another can be redeemed
And alone we are not men, but hopeless fools and lost sheep.

Written by Tbone / atw JAH

On 06.15.2008
Father's Day
Inspired by the teaching of Bob Barnes (Sheridan house)
guest speaker at Calvary Chapel, Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.

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