Tuesday, January 09, 2018

                                 Truth Be Told 

Here they all sit, some with a somber look, others with smiles
but its only for the masses.
While many holding back tears, conversations are heard from every corner of the room, laughter is not uncommon 
but with a hint of guilt.
Many who arrive approach family and friends 
with sadness written all over their face.
Though they've not seen each other in ages
to rejoice is not why they came.
Women in their Sunday best and men in their three piece suit
dominate the crowd but don't stand out
Black is the color of the day.
Everyone sits and waits for the master of ceremony,
whether priest or pastor depends on the one who all have gathered to honor and pay respect
Heaven is surely to be mentioned
but hell I'm positive will be not.
Most are adamant, though truth be told,
that all souls don't go to heaven when their name is called.
Some may preach that being and doing good is all that's required of us all, but again, if the truth was always told,
less would lose their eternal soul.
We would all love to believe that our loved ones 
are looking down from heaven, again, truth be told, 
only God has that power.
For the day we close our eyes on this turf, 
they are reopened either in heaven or deep below this earth.
Many want to assure you, using their celebrity status, 
that there are many paths leading to the Father,
but once again let the truth be told, there is Jesus,
the One and only way.
There's no two ways to put it or no other way to say,
you are either right with Jesus or heaven does not await.

Written by Tbone ATW JAH
On 01-08-2018


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